Hot Tub and Spa Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing The Northern Entertainment Co. to supply your party!
We want to make sure you have the best possible experience when hiring from us, and by doing so your safety is our number one priority.
Please do read the following health and safety terms of hire. 

Your tub will be supplied with the correct chemicals for the duration of your hire. Please do not add bubble bath, washing up liquid, foam, bath fizzers or any other liquids to the water as this can cause severe allergic reaction damage to your skin, body and the tub.
Additional chemicals will be left for you to add as and when if needed. Your operator will supply you with chemicals and test strips and explain how to use throughout your hire. The chlorine levels must always be between 3-5ppm (this can be affected by PH levels and number of bathers).
We supply a chlorine dispenser which is to be removed before getting in and put back after use.

For hygiene purposes, we advise no more than 10 people to bath in the tub throughout the duration. Should the water become discoloured or dirty, the tub is to be drained and refilled using the chemicals supplied. 
A new, clean filter is installed on set up, if for any reason you drain and refill the tub, the filter will also need to be removed and washed. Your operator will demonstrate on set up.
Food and drink should be kept out of the tub to avoid contaminating the water and choking.
Recover the tub after use using the inflatable topper and attachable cover.
It is the responsibility of the person hiring the hot tub to maintain the cleanliness and chemical level of the tub throughout the duration of hire.

We have our guidelines in place to ensure you get the best possible experience with us, it is the responsibility of the person hiring the hot tub to inform guests of the safety terms and make sure they are adhered to. 
Not recommended if you:
•    Are pregnant
•    Use any medication that causes drowsiness
•    Have any open wounds
•    Suffer heart conditions
•    Are prone to fainting 
•    Are diabetic
Bathers must always consult their GP regarding any medical conditions and hot tub usage.
Children must always be supervised by a responsible adult.
Take caution when getting up and out of the water, soaking in a hot tub lowers blood pressure and can cause you to feel light headed. If you feel faint, you must leave the tub quickly and safely to cool down. 
Any wet surface is a risk of being slippery, please take care getting in and out of the tub and sit down as soon as possible to avoid falling and causing injury to yourself and others.
Be aware of how long you soak, taking regular breaks to cool down body temperature. We recommend a maximum time of 15 minutes per soak.
Stay hydrated.
No sharp objects in or around the tub always. Avoid injury and damage.
Shower before and after use, not only will this help keep the tub clean from moisturisers and oils, showering after will remove any chemicals from your skin.
Do not lie down in the tub. If you feel tired you must vacate the tub and cool down. 
All users of the hot tub do so at their own risk.

Hot tubs take approximately 12 hours to heat up, Please ensure you book your tub the day before your party.
Hot tub temperature will decrease while the jets are on. To reheat the water, simply switch the setting from bubbles to heater. Your operator will demonstrate and provide a knowhow pack upon set up. 
Any electrical parts must only be used for hot tub equipment provided. Do not use any sockets or plugs to charge phones/tablets/ipads etc. 
Do not sit or lie down on the spa cover, the inflatable topper must be set down away from the tub until used to recover after use, do not use as a float. 
Switch jets off after use, but keep the heater on.
Do not add hot water to the tub as this will upset the sensor and can cause severe damage to the pump.
Drop off/ collection
Book your tub to arrive 24 hours before your event to ensure the water is heated up and is correctly treated before use. 
Your operator will arrive at the arranged time, garden access is required for a swift set up. We can set up on most surfaces, but we require flat ground for safety. We will require a mains socket within reach of the tub, preferably an outdoor socket where possible.
Please make sure your garden is secure accessible and that the floor is clear of any sharp objects such as broken glass, loose nails, wiring or anything that could damage the inflatable.
The tub will be inflated, correct chemicals measured and applied and hose to fill the tub. You operator will then go through all health and safety briefing, demonstrate how to use any equipment such as the chemicals and test strips. You will also receive a useful guide on how to operate the hot tub. If for any reason the tub stops working, we will do our absolute best to troubleshoot the problem. We have worked hard at covering every possible error in the guide provided and regularly maintain the pumps. However if for any reason an issue occurred, we will be on hand to repair and replace. 
In the event of an operator coming to check the problem, a call out charge will be applied. Please refer to the guide provided, we are happy to help via phone call and use the call out as a last resort.
Collection will take place on the morning after your final day of hire. Please make sure the pump is fully turned off at the mains. You can drain the water if you wish, but please leave inflated so we can clean and dry before folding away. Collection takes up to 20 minutes. 
Please make sure that the area is accessible for our team to collect the goods. Locking us out may result in delays to other bookings we have that day. 

It is the responsibility of the person hiring to make sure the hot tub is looked after throughout the hire. Please take caution and inform your guests to follow the terms in place. Any damage to equipment or theft will result in a bill for repair or replacement.
No sharp objects in or around the inflatable, including watches, jewellery, glasses, cutlery or glassware.
No smoking in or around the tub
No food or drink in the tub
Do not add foam, oils, bubble bath or any other liquids, fizzers, glitter etc to the water.
Do not sit on the side of the tub or on top of the cover
Please always respect the equipment. Damage repair is extremely costly and time consuming to our business and could mean cancelling future bookings for others.






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