Update On Our Painting Service, Adhering To Government Guidelines.

Posted By: The Northern Entertainment Co. | Posted Date: Thursday, July 9, 2020

Painting and summer 2020 guidelines!

How we plan to return to our parties safely this summer.

We are super excited to announce that as of Monday 13th July, our painting and glitter services will be allowed to return!

However, as face painting falls under the makeup category, and with us working in such a close proximity of multiple children in a short space of time, we have of course got to have a plan in place to put your health and safety first and foremost. 

Luckily, we have had nothing much else to do than prepare for our comeback!

We have spent a great deal of time behind the scenes to find ways in which we can deliver a safe and hygienic service, as well as the fun!

This article will bullet point the steps we will be taking to ensure maximum safety for you and your family throughout the Covid 19 outbreak. 


  • We will not be painting faces. This may seem strange considering our job as face painters is right there in the title! In order to reduce any risk of contamination, we will be painting arms only at this moment in time. Glitter tattoos and hair services will also be returning. We have some amazing designs ready and we cannot wait to share with our little customers!
  • I will be wearing a (not so fashionable) mask and visor to bookings. You may want to prepare your children for this as I don't want to cause alarm!
  • We have a 3 pot system for washing brushes, pot 1 contains antibacterial brush bath, pot 2 is soapy water, and pot 3 to rinse.  Washed brushes are then spritzed with a skin kind fast dry anti bac spray and set aside.
  • I have gone to the lengths of purchasing extra brushes, smaller parties are encouraged as you are guaranteed a one time use of brushes. 
  • Wet wipes and sanitiser will be available throughout the booking, Children's arms will need to be wiped before any painting or glitter is applied. Glitter tattoos have always been a one time application stencil which is then disposed of.
  • New risk assessments have been put in place upon booking.
  • And finally as always, our standard health and safety terms apply: We have only ever used 1 sponge per person. No touching equipment, children to be supervised at all times, sick children cannot be painted, no open wounds/cold sores etc. (Please see our terms page for full details)

If you have any questions regarding our safety steps, we are more than happy to help. Please call us on 01740 650966 or 07740052044

We cannot wait to see you all very soon!



Update On Our Painting Service, Adhering To Government Guidelines.
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