Hiring A Bouncy Castle.

Posted By: The Northern Entertainment Co. | Posted Date: Friday, July 3, 2020

Hiring a bouncy castle


Recognising a professional business

Just like cake and balloons, bouncy castles are at the top of the birthday party list! They are exciting, fun and can even turn adults into big kids!

But with there being hundreds of inflatable hirers out there, how do you know you are choosing the right one?

We have put together some tips and advice to help you recognise a professional party hire business. 


A genuine business is most likely to own a website to promote their company. Most will also have a business page on social media, while pages are a great way to interact with customers and see recommendations, offers etc, pages take very little time to set up and seconds to delete altogether.

Websites take a great deal of time and effort to build. Most party hire websites will also have a secure booking system which is much more appealing than paying a stranger through messages. So when you visit a business page, check to see if they have a website. That could be your first clue as to whether they are a professional company.


It is extremely important to know that the bouncy castle is safe for public hire. All inflatables must comply with the British standard BSEN14960. For an inflatable to be compliant, it must have a valid test. Tests are carried out annually to ensure the health and safety standard. Professional bodies such as RPII and PIPA inspect the product for any rips, peeling artwork, short steps, anchor points and other faults. It isn't enough for a hirer to just have insurance as without a valid test, in case of an accident, public liability is void.

Here are a few key things to look for when checking a bouncy castle's compliance.

  • PIPA tag: This can be found at the front of a bouncy castle, it looks a bit like a tax disc and has a serial number printed on. You as a customer can type this number into https://www.pipa.org.uk/ and the information regarding the inflatables compliance will be shown on the database.
  • RPII: Some inflatables may not have a PIPA tag, that does not mean they heven't got a valid test. RPII is a certificate and will always be available for the customer to see.
  • Is it Commercial? If it looks like something you could pick up from Argos or find in the swimming pool, chances are it isn't suitable for hire. Non commercial inflatables would not pass a test.


Everyone knows that a business needs insurance. Entertainment companies require public liability ranging between £5m-£10m. Proof of policy will always be provided by any reputable business.

Set up

Professionals know how to set up an inflatable safely.

  • Grass=pegs
  • Hard standing= Drilling and bolts
  • Indoors= sandbags


All bouncy castles have anchor points, usually at east 6. Each anchor point must be able to hold 163kg, Sandbags typically hold 25kg which means approximately a whopping 42 sandbags would be required for just one bouncy castle to be sercurely fastened to the ground.

And finally our biggest enemy...

Wind speed. 

The legal limit for ANY inflatable hire is 24mph. This includes both constant and gusts throughout the day. No reputable business would ever put yours or your childs life at risk by hiring out in weather where wind speeds exceed 24mph. If your bouncy castle is cancelled due to high winds, be assured that the company has put your safety before their income. Please do not go looking for a back up hire, the people that accept bookings in high winds disregard the safety of others and are purely out for profit. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this article, we hope it will help to guide you when searching for a bouncy castle. 

To some, cheap may seem the way to go, but in this industry you really do get what you pay for.

When a company invests in a website, insurance, tests, up to date inflatables, you know you can expect a quality service, safety, security and above all, the best possible experience.


Hiring A Bouncy Castle.
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