Covid 19: Face Painting Safety

Posted By: The Northern Entertainment Co. | Posted Date: Saturday, March 14, 2020

Face painting safety/ Covid 19

As we are all aware, the Corona virus/ Covid 19 has pretty much taken over the world.

We have been assessing the situation every day whilst figuring out ways in which we can provide the safest experience for our customers during the outbreak.

As a business we take pride in providing a professional and hygienic service using hypoallergenic top grade products at every event. As parents we know just how important our little customers are and that their safety is paramount.

Regarding face painting, we would like to take this opportunity to update all of our followers on our hygiene practices and any precautions we will be taking in the coming weeks.

Please see below a break down of the precautions we will be carrying out:

  • We will not be painting anyone with visible signs of illness. This will include coughing and sneezing.
  • We will not paint around the nose or mouth area.
  • Anyone with cold sores, open wounds, blisters etc will not be painted.
  • We use a 3 pot system when cleaning our brushes. The first pot will contain warm soapy water and sanitiser. The second pot will be used to rinse off the brush, and the third will be used to load paints onto the brush.
  • Water pots will be emptied and refilled at regular intervals throughout the booking.
  • Brushes will be sanitised between each customer.
  • 1 sponge per child, we never double dip our sponges into the paint and once used, the sponge will be bagged up to be cleaned and sterilised with the rest of the kit at the end of the booking.
  • We have disposable applicators available for certain designs, once used they will be discarded correctly.
  • No children under the age of 3 are to be painted.
  • Children must have clean faces and hands when they approach for face painting. We will provide wet wipes and sanitiser.
  • Painters will take time throughout the booking to thoroughly clean and sanitise hands.
  • All children MUST be supervised by a parent or guardian.
  • Please do not allow children to touch any equipment.
  • We ask that any people who may be high risk/ vulnerable such as elderly/ health conditions to not be painted.
  • We sincerely ask that anyone feeling unwell at all to not be painted.

A lot of this is our standard practice already, however extra steps have been taken to ensure the safest possible service for you and your loved ones. And to prevent possible further spread. Unfortunately painted or glitter lips will not be available throughout this time. Please contact us for further information regarding your parties. We hope to hear from you soon, stay safe

From all of us here at The Northern Entertainment Co.



Covid 19: Face Painting Safety
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